1. Bullet Ernesto Nazareth (1863-1834), “Odeon

  1. Bullet Clube do Tom list

  2. Bullet Songbook Tom Jobim - Lumiar Editora, produced by Almir Chediak

  3. Bullet Cancioneiro Jobim - get this great 5 volume collection of Antônio Carlos Jobim's piano arrangements, if you can find it! Until you do, enjoy the magnanimous offering of 42 songs from the set available on Jobim's site.

  4. Bullet "Belem" is one of the songs from Kenny Barron's Sambão CD, transcribed in the book Kenny Barron Collection.

  1. Bullet Robert Willey, “I Wish All The Best For You

  1. Bullet Robert Willey, “Sambinha para João (A Little Samba for Joe)”, for João Donato. [ leadsheet ] [ ensemble ] [ video ]